Working under pressure is a particular profession in both the offshore maritime industry, hydraulic engineering but also for executive authorities and recreational services.

MedusaDue to the specific character of the profession, it remains a constant area of interest for any health and safety executive.
Not for nothing occupational health and labour laws distinguish the dangers of this type of work with specific legislation. Recent findings also resolved in extra strict regulations regarding work under overpressure. Duiker bij TritonThis means for example should be prepared to be developed. Working under pressure and project security over the past serve in that specific risk analyzesthe competency requirements of divers tightened and must be demonstrably maintained.Cotrias is closely involved in the current design and assessment of safe working methods for diving work and certification of divers. Safety experts of Cotrias have a specific background in the industry and specialize in particular occupational diving workWhether project security concerns, assessing maintenance of diving equipment systems and equipment or the skills of divers in awareness of the latest techniques: Cotrias is to demonstrate relevant experience and expertise to assist your business

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